Frequently Asked Questions

What is Biltong
Biltong is a cured and air-dried beef delicacy. Our Biltong is a great “ready to eat” snack solution and is perfect for hiking trips, picnics, cheese platters, kid’s lunch boxes and of course, an accompaniment to watching your favourite footy team. Our Biltong is the perfect High Protein, Low Fat, Preservative Free snack!

Is our Biltong Gluten Free?
Yes! The BiltongMan uses a specially formulated Gluten Free Tamari Soy Sauce (Water, rice, Decicated Soy Beans & Salt) in producing our delicious range of Biltong Products.
Our Biltong is regularly tested for gluten to substantiate / support our “Gluten Free” claims. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any queries.

How long do Biltong Products last?
If stored correctly in a paper bag in the fridge, it will just dry out more and more until it becomes super dry and brittle. Some people prefer this! If stored in an air-tight container or even wrapped in cling-film in the freezer, it will last for up to 6 months. I recently found a 2-year old packet of our Beef Snapstix (the really dry version) in my golf bag. Needless to say, I was hungry and had it. No problem so far!!

Is our Biltong HACCP Accredited?
Yes! Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw material production, procurement and handling, to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product. Our Biltong facilty is regularly audited to ensure our ongoing HACCP accreditation.

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